Bumpa Conveying Machine

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Bumpa Conveying Machine

Bumpa Conveying Machine

Conveying Systems - UK / USA

TIME SAVED MONEY SAVED PROFITS UP PRODUCTIVITY UP How to comply with today's handling regulations.

BUMPA - Get a load off your mind with the world's fastest loading machine.

The time consuming, back breaking chore of loading repetitive heavy loads roof high becomes quick and easy with a BUMPA loading machine, carried on the roof of any small van, erected up and running in under 6 minutes.

BUMPA - Conveying System


BUMPA's capacity to clear a pallet of concrete blocks in under 1 minute or 1000 tiles in 25 minutes - from single to 3 storey lift - makes it a must for every roofer and builder.
Today's regulations state you must provide a mechanical means for handling repetitive heavy loads, rather that relying on manual labour. BUMPA is proven to double your performance for half the effort, helping you to compete and comply!


  • Quick to erect - up and running in under 6 minutes.
  • Fast - loads bricks, blocks, tiles, fittings etc. faster than any competitor.
  • Easily moved - repositioned in seconds.
  • Continuous action - no waiting for platforms to be loaded/unloaded.
  • Lightweight - 76kg, easily carried by 2 men even on difficult sites.
  • Fully reversible - for stripping salvage.
  • Self contained - reliable 3hp 4 stroke petrol engine.
  • Proven reliability - simple design, virtually maintenance free.

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Suppliers of portable loading machines and conveying systems machines known as Shifta, Uni-Loada, Hoddi and Bumpa 2, as well as other conveying equipment, to be used as a mezzanine loader, shingle elevator, block elevator, tyre elevator, tile elevators and tile hoists and for materials handling.

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